4 Main Types of Freight Services in Canada

  • Posted on: 21 September 2017
  • By: admin

Trucking companies use an optimal mix with the lowest cost when choosing the mode of transportation of goods and services. The way of transport decided influence on the profitability of a firm and type of cargo determines the manner of freight service chosen. Canadian trucking companies use delivery services including road, rail, air, or water.

1. Road transport

Most transportation company utilize road transportation for logistics purposes and delivery needs. The rich network of roads and infrastructure development enables easy, cheap and flexible movement of goods on the road. Partial truckload avails commodities that refrigerated, temperature- controlled, dangerous goods, or overweight products. Truckload services offer tracking services while transportation of cargo is in progress. Full truckload conveys load with enough products to fill the truck, or a customer requires a dedicated vehicle. A full truck load is ideal for transportation of large shipments containing high risks goods. Less than truckload freight services include sharing of costs in truckload between various businesses. Canadian trucking companies will combine cargo I a single truck for customers in a similar destination to minimize transportation costs.

2. Air freight services

Air services are the fastest mode of transportation that Canada trucking companies utilize to ferry goods. Air transport offers unlimited routes around Canada and the world. Global trucking businesses carry goods from one location to another safely and quickly. Air services convey light but high-value commodities. Cargo planes are now designed to ferry shipments including medicine and other emergencies medical equipment. Air transportation carries parcels around the world.

3. Rail transport

Rail transport ships bulk construction materials. Shipping by rail is an efficient, cheap and green transportation way. The extensive rail network around Canada which delivers your cargo to most places conveniently. Rail services available in Canada include liquid rail cars, overweight machinery rail tracks, automobile car among others.

4. Ocean freight services

Water transportation is most useful for shipping large quantities of goods over long distances. The water network includes ocean, lakes, seas, rivers, and channels. Water services accommodate all shapes, sizes, and weights of cargo. Sea transports mainly exports and imports of large shipments overseas. Transportation companies aim to maximize routes in ocean and transit option to ferry goods timely and at reduced costs. Transport operators take insurance policies on imports and exports to mitigate risks and damages during their logistics across Canada.

The freight services chosen by the Canadian trucking company will depend on whether rail, road, sea or air freight service or a mix of the ways, depends on the nature of the cargo, distance, costs, and urgency of goods to prescribed destination. Most businesses have ventured into tracking services to ensure the security of goods during transportation. You may be interested in the Fortigo Freight Services website if you would like more information.