How to Select an Office Cleaning Service

  • Posted on: 24 August 2016
  • By: admin

To succeed as a business, it is essential that you keep a sanitary office space to work in. No employee can do their best work when they are surrounded by clutter and messes, so it is important to select the right company for your office cleaning. These are five steps for selecting the right cleaning service for your business.

Step One: First Contact

Look at the commercial cleaning services in your area and get quotes from each of them. When you ask for a quote, be sure to ask for a full list of services that they provide. Most will offer basic things like mopping and sweeping, but see if they provide carpet cleaning options or other in-depth services.

Step Two: Insurance

Ask to see each company's proof of insurance. This not only ensures protection for your valuables, but it also shows you whether or not you are dealing with a reputable cleaning service. If they do not have insurance, then this can be a sign to look for a more well-established service.

Step Three: Read the Contract

Carefully read any contract before you sign it. It is common practice for cleaning companies to lock you into a plan for a set amount of time, but see what your options are. There is no reason to agree to a year-long contract if you can get a month-to-month deal. This will give you more flexibility down the line if you are not pleased with the service.

Step Four: Experience

Experience is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing between commercial cleaning services. A low price can be a big draw, but if the service has no experience then it may not be worth it. Years of experience mean that a company will have a set cleaning method that is tried and true. It also means that they provide high quality services that have allowed them to retain customers for a long period of time.

Step Five: References

Ask the company for references. Any reputable cleaning service should be able to give you a list of customers that you can contact. Ask these customers how happy they are with the service. If they do not give you a list or the customers do not seem happy with the cleaning service, take this as a serious red flag. If they cannot satisfy their current customers, they will not be able to satisfy you.


There are a lot of options for office cleaning, but there are ways to make the right choice. Take these five steps when considering a cleaning service for your office, and you will be sure to find the company that is right for your business. You can always learn more at the Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems website.